Water Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water, glass, 500 ml

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Tasting Notes


Almost transparent clean water.


Wonderful soft water with light gas bubbles.


Water with a light aroma.


The water is beautiful in itself, but is also well suited for mixing with juices and wines.

Interesting Facts

Antipodes Water originates in the ecologically clean place on the ground, on the northern island of New Zealand, where thousands of kilometers in the district have no industry. The source from which water is taken at a depth of 327-336 meters and the passage of natural filter (soil layers) rainwater required over 50 years. Water is bottled directly at the spring Otakiri in Vakatan located in populated areas little Roth Hills. Antipodes - the winner of the competition water winter 2006 in Berkeley Springs, winner of the Gold Medal in the category "Best carbonated mineral water." The company's slogan: Drink chilled. Drink often. Live well. (Drink chilled. Drink often. Live well.).

Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water - mineral water (carbonated) dining room drinking, total mineralization of 120 mg / l.



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