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Water Alpica Still PET, 500 ml

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Tasting Notes


The water is crystal transparency.


Light water with low salinity, with optimally balanced mineral content gives it a surprisingly pleasant taste.


Water has a neutral flavor.


Water is ideal for Mediterranean, Italian cuisine and is combined with a good wine.

Interesting Facts

The name "Alpica" says the origin of the water. Alpica - refreshing and crystal clear waters of the Bergamo Alps. Source is still a true oasis in the heart of Europe. Excellent location and ecology unique composition filter rocks provide the highest quality of water, which is not subjected to any treatment or filtration, thus preserving their original structure. Water is recommended for people involved in sports: perfectly restores the balance of fluids and minerals.

Composition and Properties
The temperature at the source - 10,8 ° C
The pH at the source - 7.4
Dry the precipitate at 180 ° C - 228,0 mg / l
Conductivity at 20 ° C - 320,0 uS / cm
Carbon dioxide at the source - 8.4 mg

Mineralization (mg / l)
Bicarbonates - 156.2
Sulfates - 54.8
Calcium - 47.6
Magnesium - 17.2
Silicon - 8.2
Chlorides - 4.6


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