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Alain Milliat, Apple Juice, 1000 ml

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725 rub.
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Reviews of purchase Alain Milliat, Apple Juice, 1000 ml

Tasting Notes


Apple juice translucent, pale yellow.


Alain Milliat Apple Juice has a pleasant taste of fresh apples, sour.


Beverage inherent pleasant sweet flavor.


The juice is recommended to serve as an appetizer or add to smoothies.

Interesting Facts

Alain Milliat Apple Juice - fragrant sweet apple juice. Its production process consists of several steps: washing and crushing fruit pressing without heating, filtering and pasteurizing at a temperature of + 85 ° C. Production technology eliminates the use of preservatives and dyes. Beverage in the manufacturing process was passed through a pad of diatomaceous earth and cellulose, which makes it possible to restore the vegetable particles in suspension. Thus, the manufacturer receives the absolutely pure juice. Apples are grown on soils, located west of the town.

Beverage producers is a French company Alain Milliat, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of nectars, juices and jams. The plant is located in the Rhone Valley, an hour's drive from Toulouse. A history that began in 1993, but now her juices, nectars and jams can be found in well-known hotels and restaurants in most of Europe, Asia and North America.
Alain Milliat uses only fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, so the process of production accounts for the harvest season. However, such berries as raspberry, black currant, strawberry can not ripen stable, so for the production of nectars of them use frozen berries. Also, some nectars, in particular from kiwi and cherries tend to deteriorate after a few months, so the manufacturer sells them only a certain time. To improve the taste of tomato juice salt is added, and carrot - lemon juice.

In production specialists Allen Mia used only a single pasteurization and immediately pour juice into bottles, which are then stored in a horizontal position


In our store you can buy juice Alain Milliat, Apple Juice, 1000 ml, price Alain Milliat, Apple Juice, 1000 ml — 725 rub.. Producer juice Alain Milliat. Delivery Alain Milliat, Apple Juice, 1000 ml.