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Gin is the original spirit with a bitter dry taste. It is produced by double distillation of herbal and fruit alcohol tincture. Gin ingredients: anise, licorice, coriander, fennel and juniper berries necessarily. In this section you can buy well-known gin brands for cocktails, such as: Gordon's, Beefeater, Tanqueray.
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Gin "Hendrick`s", 0.7 L

3 526 rub.

"Bombay Sapphire", 1 L

3 202 rub.
3 406 rub.

Beefeater, 0.7 L

1 740 rub.

"Bombay Sapphire", 0.75 L

2 463 rub.
2 620 rub.

Beefeater, 1 L

2 326 rub.

"Bombay Sapphire", 0.5 L

1 788 rub.
1 902 rub.

Bombay Sapphire, 50 ml

251 rub.
267 rub.

Gordons, 0.75 L

1 862 rub.

"Hayman's" Sloe Gin, 0.7 L

2 079 rub.

Gin "Hendrick's", 50 ml

295 rub.

Beefeater, 50 ml

172 rub.

Gordons, 1 L

2 483 rub.

"The London №1" Original Blue Gin, 0.7 L

3 282 rub.

Beefeater, 0.5 L

1 323 rub.

Tanqueray "No. Ten", 0.75 L

5 181 rub.

"Richmond" London Dry, 0.7 L

773 rub.

Larios Dry Gin, 0.7 L

1 437 rub.

Bols Genever, 0.7 L

2 363 rub.

Gin Mare, 0.7 L

3 994 rub.

Bruichladdich, "Botanist", 0.7 L

4 062 rub.

The invention of gin is attributed to a Dutch physician, Francis Silva and dates back to XVI century. Gin is a spirit, that was widely distributed in England and Holland, in the XVIII century. In England, it was popular due to high duties on imported alcohol.

Dutch gin, which is also called Jenever, differs from the London by the technology and taste. In the British colonies, gin tonic was used as an antimalarial drink, as it successfully masked the bitter taste of quinine.

The basis of this drink is pure grain alcohol, in which herbs, roots and spices: star anise, coriander, cinnamon and certainly juniper berries that give gin its unique flavor are infused. For the best gin brands berries are imported from the Italian province of Tuscany. Then tincture is distilled a second time through the copper stills, "heads" and "tails" are removed, and clean gin is diluted with water to the desired strength (from 40 to 50 degrees).

This drink is characterized by specific dry and bitter taste, that is why it is often mixed with other drinks. Citrus juices are the best among soft drinks to be combined with gin.

In the European Union there are 4 types of gin:
Juniper (Genebra) — flavored gin with a minimum strength of 30 degrees.
Gin — the classic drink produced by a single distillation method, taste of juniper dominates.
Distilled gin — the result of a secondary distillation of ethyl alcohol with addition of herbs and roots.
London gin — result of distillation of herbal tincture with juniper berries; doesn't contain any sweeteners, colorants and other ingredients, except water.

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